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Navigating Success: Holiday Advertising on the Washington State Ferry

Seattle statistic graphic during the holidays showcasing Seattle is 9th most generous city during the holidays

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Advertising During the Holidays on the Washington State Ferry

The Emerald City is home to lush forests, tech giants, military activity, culture, and holiday cheer! The holiday season in Seattle is a time for festive giving and bustling activity. Amidst this vibrant atmosphere, the Washington State Ferry remains the heartbeat of Seattle, moving over 90% of Western Washington’s residents. With the holiday season on the horizon, it is the most wonderful time of the year for out-of-home advertising, retail marketers, and consumers alike.

Benefits of Ferry Advertising during the Holidays

During the winter, ferry commuters represent a diverse array of individuals, including businessmen/women, tourists, university students, and families. Over 67% of riders commute for weekend recreation & shopping, and 75% of riders commute to work or school during weekdays. This makes the Washington State Ferry system an integral part of the daily commute within the region. 

Moreover, proximity to high traffic destinations such as Westlake Center, Seattle Premium Outlets, SEA, and Princess Cruises allows advertisers to amplify their impact by staying with audiences before holiday shopping and after their daily commute. The high visibility of these campaigns ensures widespread reach among ferry-goers, making it a no-brainer for businesses. 

Why is this important to advertisers? Advertising on the WSF offers a unique advantage: a captive audience. The average trip time one-way along a popular route such as Bainbridge Island to Seattle is roughly 45 minutes. This extended dwell time onboard provides ample exposure to advertisements. 

Seattle ranked 3rd for highest median income after housing costs amongst other major cities in the U.S, boosting its rank in purchasing power. According to E-commerce Intelligence’s study, Seattle residents are the 9th most generous US city at Christmas. Allotting roughly 34% of their monthly income, approximately $2,112 towards gift giving. 

Seattle’s Holiday Season

Seattle is known for its full range of holiday merriment, including its Christmas Ship Festival, Winterfest, theater plays, and winter outdoor activities. In December of 2022, over 1.8 million passengers flew into the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for the holiday season. To maximize impact, campaigns can incorporate festive themes increasing relevancy and evoking the holiday spirit! Limited-time offers and interactive campaigns can engage passengers, fostering a memorable experience that resonates beyond their ferry ride. According to the OAAA Harris Poll for holiday shopping intent, 78% of consumers agree that OOH ads are useful. Not sure where to start? We can help with that.

Advertising on the Washington State Ferry with Ballyhoo

There are hundreds of billboards throughout Seattle. However, only one company, Ballyhoo Media, operates OOH advertising on the ferry system that moves with active audiences and out-of-this-world dwell times. Offering a wide variety of campaign placement in the terminals, loading zones, onboard, and digitally there is plenty of room for creativity! By leveraging this unique platform, companies can sail towards a successful and a memorable holiday season. Ready to dominate the holiday’s? Click Here to speak with a rep today!