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A spectacle on the water


Create a unique experience

It doesn't get cooler than this.

"This is not just a boat"

"It's a three-story movie screen that can seamlessly broadcast anything you want."

A full service event company

LED Screen Rental

In our simplest form, we are the easiest go-to solution for screen rentals. At 1/10th the cost of a traditional screen rental, our plug and play system is an easy way to make events great on a budget. 

Live Productions​

Live concerts, movie premiers, and sporting events. We’ve done it all. We have industry-leading audio and visual equipment in-house and a dedicated team ready to source anything you need. And yes, we build floating stages too. 


Industry leading innovations in live-streaming allows us to meet your goals.  Take events virtual through Instagram live, Zoom, Youtube, Facebook, and more. 

Lights, Camera, and more.​

We work with renowned production teams known for throwing some of the biggest events on the globe. Big or small, we can produce an event for you.

ROYAL CARIBBEAN - As a centerpiece to their Employee of the Year ceromony, Royal put their top employees in lights garnering excitement.

Stunning Visual Displays for

Event Branding

Engage with your audience with a one-of-a-kind platform. A perfect backdrop or centerpiece for any event. Display a variety of content including logo placements, keynotes, product launches, and more.

integrated streaming solutions for

Live Streaming

A platform for stunning entertainment and live content. We can provide a variety of solutions to stream video and audio directly in front of your audience. Own the screen an interact in a whole new way.

TELEVISA - Using live-streaming technolgies,Televisa aired a key-note featuring their top shows and movies of the year.
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CIROC / SWAE LEE - As part of Ciroc's Summer Launch, we hosted Grammy Nominated artist Swae Lee and equipped the boat with a professional audio system and a live DJ for the largest on-water concert ever.

concerts & live entertainment

Staging for Concerts & More

Create a mobile pop-up venue instantly. Events can be created on the water or paired up with venues on-land to create one-of-a-kind memorable experiences. Use our professional audio and visual teams to create large-scale concerts or movie premiers.

sporting events and releases

Watch Parties

Host events around sporting events, movie premiers, award shows, and more. Pair with live TV to create watch parties with an unmatched opportunity for event sponsorship, in game advertising, brand ambassadors, product sampling, and more.


creative and unique use cases

An Open Canvas

Wen it comes to creativity, we don’t draw lines or boundaries. From displaying art showcases to being a centerpiece in music videos, we have the team and experience to help accomplish any goal. The possibilities are endless, and we’ll be here to provide you with solutions.

Get the big screen

(without the big costs)

We make costs simple. Eliminate the need for multiple vendors and get an all-in-one package.

We Eliminate

our clients

We're proud of our partners and the companies we work with

There’s a new drive in movie theater on Biscayne Bay: Be sure to bring your boat

Ballyhoo Media, the folks behind that massive Super Bowl party in Before TImes, will host the screening of “Pirates of the Caribbean” from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday at Miami Marine Stadium.

Americans enjoy 'social distancing' summer entertainment

Fun activities like boat-in theaters are experiencing a comeback as people attempt to keep their distance during the coronavirus pandemic

Gregoire Vogelsang Introduces First-Ever Billboard Campaign Art Fair

From this, the #StayCreative campaign was born—the first-ever art fair taking the form of a wide billboard campaign in Miami during Art Basel week. While many other art events replaced a physical event with online viewing rooms, Vogelsang decided to support the artist community in a different way—through exposure and visual impact


We make a splash in the press.

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We’re with you every step of the way. Our designated design, technology, and events team members are here to help you execute your ideas. From planning to technology, we can make the impossible happen.

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