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We're more than a floating billboard.

We get it often, “why don’t you just advertise big companies all day and sail into the sunset”? Well, if your only reason for being is to make money, then that is a simple and safe strategy, but it is certainly not ours. We believe our platform can be more than that, moving beyond traditional advertising. We consciously work every day to enhance the well-being of our community, support our hard-working locals, create the most fun and exciting city events, and work to protect the planet we all live on. You cannot put a dollar amount on these things. If that’s not something you are into, that’s okay. Freedom is such a wonderful thing. 

We do cool sh*t on the water.

We're all about bringing the most unqiue and engaging activations to life.

We’re all about getting creative. Ballyhoo Media is a water-based multi-media company changing the landscape of outdoor advertising. Our platform is designed to provide a more intimate experience between companies and their customers. We developed a platform that encourages creativity, collaboration and community. We live in a transient era, so we have expanded mobility. We live in a tech era, so we have elevated connectivity. We live in a social era, so we have maximized engagement. At Ballyhoo Media, we deliver a breakthrough medium for advertising, entertainment, and collaborative experiences for our community.

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A water-proof LED boat didn't magically wash up on the beach. We always strive to be creative and out-of-the-box.


Some might think we’re different…. We think that’s our biggest advantage. We push the limits on how one can activate the waterways.


We are only as powerful as our community we're in. That's why we serve our community and give back.


Our values shape the way we work with our clients and how we're seen in our community. We push to deliver outstanding entertainment and information to our audiences supported using cutting edge technologies.

Since the beginning our main goal was to communicate better with beach-goers and enhance the waterways we live in
Adam Shapiro
CEO & Founder

It started with an


Family owned and operated, two brother's love for the beach grew into a company.

Brothers, Nate Shapiro and Adam Shapiro grew up on the beaches of Ocean City, Maryland as umbrella boys. There love for the water and sun left no room for summer internships. But that didn’t stop their natural entrepreneurial spirit. As they sat in the sands wondering how they could start their own business, the looked to the skies. Ironicily, it was there they found an answer. Aerial advertising. These antiquated forms of advertising had been a staple of the beaches since they were children. But there was a better way to bring this to modern day. That is where this journey began. How can we create a more appealing and effective form of beach advertising? The answer was Ballyhoo Media.

Work like a Captain, Play like a Pirate


Adam Shapiro

Founder & CEO

About Adam

Lives by the phrase "Work like a Captain, Play like a Pirate". Born and raised on the beaches of Maryland, Adam was always connected to the water. After graduating from FIU with his MBA, he fell in love with South Florida. In a dire need to always stay near the waters, he left his cozy commercial real estate job to start this insane idea.

Favorite Boating Spot:
Key Largo
Years of Boating Experience:
Years of what?
Favorite Part of Ballyhoo:
Our incredible events


Nate Shapiro

Vice President

About Nate

The master of chill and reggae, Nate has mastered the ability of picking up any skill thrown his way. Working in practically every position in the company, he has become a master of the water and the office.

Favorite Boating Spot:
Biscayne Bay
Favorite Client
Favorite Part of Ballyhoo:
Being on a beach !


Tyler Zlatin

Chief Marketing Officer

About Tyler

Life long friend Tyler “the creator” was a founder of Ballyhoo Media along side the Shapiro brothers. A modern day Scorsese, Tyler uses his tool kit of Adobe suites and video editing softwares to transform our platforms into super models walking the red carpet. In his off-hours, he enjoys listening to live music with his best friend Don Julio and always saying ‘yes’ to weekend plans.

Favorite Part of Ballyhoo:
The jaw-drop reaction when someone sees our boats in-person
Favorite Office Activity:
Cuddling with the dogs

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Malcolm Summers

Sales Director

About Malcolm

Growing up in the DC area despising the cold and also being of Jamaican descent, Malcolm always knew he was destined for the warmth. He moved to Miami at the start of 2016 where he got his first taste of professional selling working in the season tickets department for the major baseball team in the area. A couple of years later, Malcolm would eventually find his way to the advertising industry and in the Fall of 2020 was introduced to the team at Ballyhoo. The rest, as they say, is history!


Kelvin Martir



Longtime Miami native interested in all things sports, water and media . Graduate from FIU and now the man behind the camera.

Favorite Part of Ballyhoo:
Work hard play hard mentality
Favorite Boating Spot:
Haulover Sandbar
Favorite campaign:
Diplo Live Activation!
What I do on my days off::

Reni Astudillo

Marketing Associate

About Reni

Our in-house latin music specialist Reni joined the team straight after graduating from the Univeristy of Miami. After messaging us for three years straight, we decided "Why not, let's give this poor girl a chance!". It ended up paying off BIG TIME, with Reni play a huge role in pre-sale marketing and promoting our brand.

Favorite Boating Spot:
Key Largo
Favorite Client
Affirmation billboards (and Maluma <3)
Favorite Part of Ballyhoo:
The team!

Thomas Glucksman

Event Producer


South Florida native and self proclaimed New Yorker, Thomas, washed back up on the shores of Miami in mid 2021 after a five-year stint in the Big Apple. He’s taking his event production and experiential marketing background to a new stage—or float, at Ballyhoo. His nautical nature was a perfect fit and he’s ready to make waves in months to come.

Favorite Beach:
Wherever the locals go
Favorite Catch:
A surprise you wouldn't typically reel up


Helen Roldan

Director of Communications & Public Affairs


Born in Venezuela, raised in Miami, Helen is a proud Florida Gator with a love for the water (especially snorkeling!). At Ballyhoo, she brings sea-level research, government experience, and community advocacy to the team’s background. In her time off, she likes to attend concerts and explore nature.

Favorite Beach:
Chichiriviche, Venezuela And in Miami? Unlike most locals, I actually love South Beach!
Favorite Spots in Miami
Books & Books!


Brandon Berry

Director of Regional Marine Operations


From Maryland originally, Brandon spent half his life in Israel and after his service in the IDF, joined the rising tech sector there. After returning to America by way of Portland, OR, Brandon missed the warmth and sunny skies so decided to set his anchor down in Miami.

Favorite Boating Spot:
Off the coast of Rosh Hanikra, where the rolling hills of the Galil directly abut the Mediterranean Sea
Favorite Advertising Campaign:
Our environmental awareness campaigns

Amanda Roberts

Director of Finance

Edwardt Baum

Content Manager & Developer


A creative innovator with a passion for software development

What I Do On My Days Off:

Favorite Part of Ballyhoo:
The team

Ryan Lee

Regional Sales Manager -Tampa


Ryan grew up in the Philadelphia area before moving down to Miami to accept a ticket sales position with the Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium. After working 4 years for the organization, Ryan decided to transition from working in the sports industry to the waterways. He is a die hard philly sports fan and you can usually find him golfing or fishing on the weekends.

Favorite Boating Spot:
Anywhere down in the keys

Favorite Part of Ballyhoo:
The people and culture!


Marine Operations

Tammy Zeigen

Graphic Designer

Benjamin Van Horn


Julio Sjogreen




Patrick Gallegher


Danny Donahue




Kasha Mineko


Jeff Goldberg

Executive Chairman

Want to


We are always looking for interns, captains looking for their licenese, and people who get excited about the water! Shoot us an email with your resume.