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We're more than just a billboard.

Revolutionizing the ways we experience and communicate on the water



An interactive canvas to the landscapes of major waterfront cities. By combining industry-leading dwell times- with the ability to play full motion interactive content, we offer an unparalleled ability to engage with audiences. Create a lasting and memorable campaign with Ballyhoo Media.



The most entertaining and engaging way to reach thousands! Using our one-of-a-kind LED screen boats, we're able to broadcast movies, sports, concerts, and more. We've produced 100+ events and activations, bringing together thousands of families, boaters, and spectators in South Florida.


personal messages

Use our memorable platform and bring an elevated touch to special moments like, birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, graduations, baby reveals, and more.

We do cool sh*t on the water.

We're all about bringing the most unqiue and engaging activations to life.

We’re all about getting creative. Ballyhoo Media is a water-based multi-media company changing the landscape of outdoor advertising. Our platform is designed to provide a more intimate experience between companies and their customers. We developed a platform that encourages creativity, collaboration and community. We live in a transient era, so we have expanded mobility. We live in a tech era, so we have elevated connectivity. We live in a social era, so we have maximized engagement. At Ballyhoo Media, we deliver a breakthrough medium for advertising and collaborative experiences for our community.
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Let's push the limits of creativity

Where others say impossible, we say “try us”. Let’s make unbelievable activations a reality.¬†