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Staten Island Ferry Advertising

Transport your brand
to new shores

Sail beyond traditional outdoor advertising with Staten Island Ferry advertising. Where commuters set sail, we launch brands. From bustling terminals to open waters, our transit and terminal advertising offers an innovative platform, connecting your brand with millions. Dive into Staten Island’s vibrant market. Explore the waterways with us.

A new era of transit advertising anchors in NYC

The Staten Island Ferry is synonymous with the spectacle of New York City. Taking its spot amongst the city’s collection of public transportation, Staten Island Ferry is the busiest ferry route in the United States and the world’s busiest passenger-only ferry system. It is an iconic backdrop to the spectacle of New York City, taking passengers from Staten Island to Lower Manhattan. During its peak season, the ferry takes sees over 70,000 riders daily, presenting a significant opportunity for your brand to reach a large, diverse audience.

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Connect with consumers from borough-to-borough

Passengers waiting to board on Staten Island Ferries
St. George Terminal
Advertising PETA on the staten island ferry in new york
Passenger scanning QR code on digital display at the whitehall terminal in NYC
Whitehall Terminal

Our advertising inventory across Staten Island

Don't just fit in, stand out.

Why Advertise on our Staten Island Ferry Network?

Connecting brands to Staten Island

Maximum Exposure in the Big Apple

On a typical weekday, five ferries make 117 trips. Within the 5.2-mile route between Staten Island and Lower Manhattan, the ferries make over 40,000 annual trips.

Uniquely NYC, Beloved by the Community

Consistently ranked as the public's favorite form of transportation, with 85% of the population using the ferry system on a consistent basis.

A Fleet of Assets for Unlimited Opportunities

Capitalize on the fleet of 5 traditional ferries and 2 terminals operating, ensuring extensive coverage and visibility.

Hook, Engage, and Reel in Audiences

Our large, attention-grabbing formats and extended dwell times ensure opportunity for customer engagement and interaction.

Embark on a journey through history

The Staten Island Ferry, one of the last operating ferry systems in New York, transported people between Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs long before bridges were introduced. Immerse your brand in the captivating narrative of Staten Island’s maritime legacy, and effortlessly connect with an engaged and diverse audience as they embark on these scenic waterway adventures.

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The busiest transportation system in lower manhatten
ferry advertising opportunities at the terminal in staten island

Staten Island Ferry Advertising Benefits

Sail beyond your expectations

"The Best Commute In The World"

Moving millions of passengers while they dine, and wifi on their morning and evening commutes while offering stunning views of New York Harbor

Iconic Branding Locations

Showcase your brand on NYC’s waterfront and ferry terminal, leveraging their charm and appeal to enhance brand recognition and recall.

Ferry-Sized Visibility

Strategically positioned outdoor ads ensure unmatched visibility and maximum exposure, capturing the attention of diverse audiences and making it the ideal platform for impactful advertising campaigns.

Dwell on This

All impressions are not created equal. The average ferry ride is 25 minutes long, giving passengers time to visit with commute buddies, and most importantly, absorb your brand's messaging.

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