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Experiential Marketing & Creative Productions

Next-level activations

Viral experiences, lasting impressions

Create an emotional connection to your brand. From the ground up, our team brings your imagination to life, designing unique waterway activations for global brands. Our experiential marketing campaigns engage potential customers in ways that traditional or digital ads can’t match. We explore and create artistic ways of expressing your brand’s purpose, not just to bring it closer to your consumers, but to give them the freedom to experience it with experiential marketing.
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Swae Lee will amp up the season’s kick-off in Miami with a live, high-energy performance off a yacht, where Swae will sing some of his biggest summer jams, while the mobile truck roams the streets, offering fans swag, beats and treats. The ocean-floating stage will take over the beach and the mainland, with a billboard LED screen for both Miami beachgoers and riverfront crowds to watch the performance as it sails down the river.

We're more than a screen

Ideation & Execution

Live concerts, movie premieres, and sporting events – we’ve done it all.  We provide leading audio and visual equipment in-house, and our dedicated team is ready to source anything you need. And yes, we build floating stages too.

Creativity & Production

We partner with renowned production teams known for throwing the most epic events around the globe. Our team provides content creation, production management, and event planning to bring your event to life.  

Boats, Jet Skis, and more

It doesn’t stop with our digital boats. We turn barges into stages and yachts into marketing vessels, building custom activations with just about anything that floats!

It doesn't get cooler than this

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Live streams of sports and events

A platform that allows you to capitalize on what makes waterfront cities unique – the water! Bring spectacular entertainment and live content to the shoreline with our suite of fully-customizable audio & visual streaming solutions. Own the screen and deliver a stadium-like experience to your audience.

Concerts & Live Entertainment

Mobile pop-up parties, created on the fly and tailored to your wildest dreams. We can host your event entirely on the water or partner with waterfront venues to create unforgettable experiences. Work directly with our experienced audio and visual teams using to create large-scale concerts or movie premieres.

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Movies & Watch Parties

Pass the popcorn! Floating films and boat-in movie experiences, on the water, at the beach, or a part of any waterfront venue. Compliment movies with on-site activations, fun for the whole family. Deliver a cinematic experience in an outdoor setting and bring the big-screen to your backyard. Host events around sports games, movie premieres, award shows, and more. 

Mobile Marketing

We transform boats into marketing vessels. From wrapped yachts to custom built barges, we custom design eye-catching campaigns and stunted events across the globe. Turn consumers heads by customizing vessels on the water for your next promotion. 

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Product Sampling

Expand your footprint and include product sampling on-shore or on the water at high-traffic epicenters.  Bring on brand ambassadors and engage customers through rich interactive experiences. 

and beyond...

When it comes to creativity, we don’t draw lines or boundaries. From displaying art showcases to being a centerpiece in music videos, we have the team and experience to help accomplish any goal. The possibilities are endless, and we’ll be here to provide you with solutions.


A reputation with the best

Tailor-Made Events under our belt

We’ve amassed years of experience in planning and executing major private parties and corporate events, earning the trust of countless venues and event planners. 

Swae Lee Ciroc

Rapper Swae Lee Shares His 'Sounds Of Summer' With Miami

I brought the summer vibes and the high energy down the Miami River where I performed off a yacht for people at the bars and restaurants along the river to enjoy! If you’re in Miami, you may have seen the big, orange ‘Sounds of Summer’ truck, which had everything people need to get in the summer state of mind—summer swag, great music and our exclusive ice cream flavor, The Citrus Drip with a side of Swae Sprinkles.

Twitter puts users' mask tweets on boats, billboards, and sidewalks in pandemic safety campaign

In a new outdoor push that broke this weekend, the social media platform found witty, eye-catching tweets…[on] billboards displayed on a barge floating past Miami Beach

There’s a new drive in movie theater on Biscayne Bay: Be sure to bring your boat

Ballyhoo Media, the folks behind that massive Super Bowl party in Before TImes, will host the screening of “Pirates of the Caribbean” from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday at Miami Marine Stadium.

Americans enjoy 'social distancing' summer entertainment

Fun activities like boat-in theaters are experiencing a comeback as people attempt to keep their distance during the coronavirus pandemic


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