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Digital Water Taxi Fins

Top of Ferries, Top of mind across Ft. Lauderdale

Steer your brand through Ft Lauderdale’s waterways aboard Florida’s largest water taxi fleet. As we navigate every nook and cranny of Ft Lauderdale, your message doesn’t just get noticed – it resonates with millions, from riders and boaters to onshore onlookers and the towering high-rises lining the Intracoastal. These vibrant landmarks are iconic to south Florida’s waterways, and so can your brand. Dive into Ft Lauderdales bustling and growing market and set sail with our dynamic digital water taxi fins

Take your message on a journey across all of Lauderdale

With thousands of riders and commuters on the water taxis daily, you can catch the wave of success and communicate with Ft Lauderdale like never before! Our Digital Water Taxi Fins offer unparalleled access to areas previously inaccessible by out-of-home advertising. Unlike static billboards, our digital screens move along Ft Lauderdale’s waterways, communicating better with the community and making a splash with riders, waterfront communities, restaurants, hotels, bars, and more.

Comparison of traditional taxi toppers in fort lauderdale

Who says size doesn't matter? 9x the size of traditional taxi tops

Don’t settle for unimpactful advertising. Our Digital Water Taxi Fins feature the largest, high-definition screens, providing bigger, bolder, and better advertising and communication opportunities for your brand. 

Local businesses and national brands are all on board

Restaurants in fort Lauderdale advertising during Tortuga music festival
Bo's beach advertising in fort lauderdale

"These are amazing! They look fantastic on the Water Taxi.

Why Choose Our Digital Water Taxi Fins?

5 boats, 10 screens, infinite impressions

Sailing through top points of interest

Strategically placed on top of water taxis that transit the most dense areas of the city for unbeatable exposure

Uniquely Lauderdale, Unbeatable Coverage

Unprecedented access to areas previously inaccessible by outdoor advertising and billboards in Ft. Lauderdale

5x the reach with a network of screens

A network of 10 smart-screens on 5 boats, simultaneously playing your message across 15 miles of waterways

Expand with Experiential Opportunities

Engage riders in a whole new way with our experiential marketing - from brand ambassadors to product giveaways

The Ft Lauderdale Water Taxi has been a beloved part of the city since 1988, providing locals and visitors with a unique and fun way to explore the beautiful waterways of Ft Lauderdale. The taxi’s iconic yellow vessels are known throughout the city, and their route takes passengers to many of the top destinations in Ft Lauderdale, including restaurants, bars, shopping, and beaches. With its friendly crew and relaxed atmosphere, the Ft Lauderdale Water Taxi is more than just a ride – it’s a cherished part of the city’s culture and history.

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Advertising in fort lauderdale during formula 1
Dunkin advertising in fort lauderdale

Why digital Boats?

Campaigns that
float to the top

Cruise Through Crowds

We make it easy to reach your desired audience with custom-designed routes targeting Fort Lauderdales busiest areas and top events.

Dynamic, not Static

Change content easily and run multiple creatives with the help of our team. And unlike roadside billboards, we can run full-motion ads and powerful widgets.

Bigger and Brighter

Our larger-than-life screens on boats outshine the competition, making a lasting impression on even the sunniest of days.

Dwell on This

With the longest dwell times in the industry, our boats remain visible for up to 5 minutes, leaving a lasting impression on your target audience.

10 major stops, every 15 minutes

Ft Lauderdale is known as the "Venice of America" for the amount of waterways in town and how it's used as a form of transportation. The Ft Lauderdale Water Taxi takes you to 10 different spots in the heart of town, providing unprecedented reach along Ft Lauderdale waterways and top points of interest

Combine experiential marketing with out-of-home advertising

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Activate within the taxis and engage with riders in a whole new way. We craft brand interactions that foster lasting connections with consumers, creating a positive memory. From custom fabrication to hosting brand ambassadors and product giveaways, we give brands the opportunity for 360° take overs of our water taxis.

Man staring at billboard boat with corona advertisement

Don't just make waves, create a tidal wave

Sail through our portfolio and see the impact we've made for past clients!

outdoor advertising in fort lauderdale riverwalk
Passengers looking at billboard advertisement
Espn advertising in fort lauderdale
Groups of people waiting to board water taxis
2 girls cleaning up debris in fort lauderdale with amerant bank advertisement in background.
Aerial view of fort lauderdale billboard promoting broward health
Girl taking picture of billboard advertisement
Outdoor advertising on the Ft Lauderdale water taxi along Las Olas Boulevard with Warner Brothers
Environmental billboard advertising in fort lauderdale
Passengers waiting to board water taxi viewing fort lauderdale film festival advertisement
Spring breakers looking at advertisement
Ballyhoo media mascot

The only billboards committed to protecting our waterways

We are committed to protecting our oceans and waterways. Through partnerships with key ocean-conservancy groups and innovative technologies, we are pioneering a new era of billboard advertising that meets the highest standards of environmental responsibility. By advertising with us, you’re helping support our mission to safeguard our planet’s most precious resource.

ready to dive in

As a small business ourselves, we get the importance of attracting new audiences without breaking the bank. And unlike Google ads or Instagram impressions, we’re confident that every dollar you put towards advertising is highly visible and hard at work reaching millions of people on beaches, in cities, and beyond. It’s time to get new customers through your doors, and there is no method more impactful and cost-effective than Ballyhoo’s digital fins in partnership with Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi!