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Waterway Outdoor Advertising

Where water meets "Wow"

In the ever-cluttered landscape of outdoor advertising, we offer advertisers an eye-catching way to reach the most sought-after audiences on the water. Our hyper-local capabilities hone in on high-value demographics, ensuring your campaign’s ROI floats well above the rest. Go beyond billboards on the roadside —dominate the shoreline and make a splash with the untapped potential of waterway advertising.

Outdoor advertising that makes a splash

At Ballyhoo Media, we offer eye-catching outdoor advertising solutions for companies who want to advertise in Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Seattle, Miami, and beyond! 

In a highly crowded media market, messages constantly get lost alongside the clutter of other advertising. This is where we stand out. Our floating billboards deliver unique waterway advertising and experiential activations that garner the full attention of any audience without distraction. 

We place our outdoor advertising billboards on boats along the most populated waterways, hyper-targeting the most sought-after audiences. If you want a way to stand out from the crowd and capture attention in an age when attention is waning, contact our team and get your message on a billboard in the water.

We also offer our services to individuals. Whether you want to let the world know of your love for your significant other or you want to wish someone a happy birthday in a unique way, a billboard on a boat is sure to draw a gasp.

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Reel in audiences like never before

Real-world moments through audiences day

In a digitally saturated world, the impact of real-life experiences is unmatched. Our floating billboards and waterway advertising cannot be skipped, blocked, or ignored.

Navigate Audiences from Screen to Storefront

Pair our waterway advertising with your social media and watch foot traffic surge by an average of 68%. We make scrolling stop and feet move.

Maximize your ROI and Make Every Dollar Sail Further

Get 4X more online buzz per ad dollar spent than traditional TV, radio, or print. Your budget works harder and smarter with us.

From Gaze to Google; Impressions That Anchor

When people spot our ads, 44% are inspired to dig deeper online. It's not just about visual impact; it's about driving curiosity to click and discover more about your brand."

Campaigns delivered
to your audience

In the ever-competitive world of outdoor advertising, our mobile waterway billboards are game changers. Boasting a staggering 90% engagement rate, we don’t just show ads; we deliver experiences right where consumers live, work, and play. Imagine high-impact, eye-level campaigns sailing through the busiest and most desirable parts of the city. With industry-leading dwell times and the capability for full-motion interactive content, we’re redefining what it means to catch someone’s eye.

0 %
of audiences engage with our waterway media

over three-quarters (76%) stated they took an action on their mobile device, with search (51%) topping the list of actions followed by online purchasing (43%)

Reach & Exposure

Bringing messages direct to consumers

Unlike static assets that require audiences to travel to the message, our billboard boats bring the message directly to the consumer. Our mobility across cities allows us unparalleled access to areas previously inaccessible to OOH advertising. 

Traditional Outdoor Advertising:

Digital Billboards Boats:

Say goodbye
to cluttered advertising

Traditional billboards are everywhere, but how many really make a splash? With the clutter of roadside ads, billboards, and digital screens, your brand deserves an escape route straight to your audience’s attention. Our floating billboards on bustling waterways are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise oversaturated market. We’re not just another ad in the lineup; we’re the headliner, stealing the show in the most iconic locations.

Viral voyages
shared beyond the shore

These aren’t just ads; they’re experiences that people want to capture and share. Our visually stunning, one-of-a-kind waterway platforms are more than just billboards—they’re Instagrammable landmarks. Our floating platforms are not just viewed; they’re photographed, hashtagged, and splashed across social media. When your brand is part of the skyline, it becomes a must-share experience that extends its reach far beyond the water. Go beyond impressions to become a trending hashtag and a must-share experience. Your campaign won’t just make waves; it’ll go viral. 

0 %
of Gen Z'ers would share our outdoor advertising on social media

compared to every other medium, out of home can drive 7x the social posts, 5x more website visits, 6x more social searches, and most importantly, 5.3x more online purchases.

VIP access
to cities' biggest events

Your brand’s VIP pass to America’s high-traffic hotspots just got laminated. Whether it’s along our high-impact, regular routes or customized charters, we activate waterways near existing media hubs or untapped locales. We meticulously design routes that snake through the most iconic and bustling parts of cities, making your message unmissable. And for those one-off, can’t-miss events? We grant your brand exclusive access, right where the action is. From mega sports events to music festivals, we make sure your brand isn’t just seen—it’s remembered.

Available across the U.S.


We're able to make waterway activations happen nation wide! Contact us today to find a solution for your needs.