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Waterway advertising in Miami, FL


An Innovation to Outdoor Advertising

At Ballyhoo Media, we offer eye-catching outdoor advertising solutions for companies who want to advertise in Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, and Miami, FL.

In a highly crowded media market, messages constantly get lost alongside the clutter of other advertising. This is where we stand out. Our floating billboards deliver unique waterway advertising and experiential activations that garner the full attention of any audience without distraction.

For Businesses or Individuals

We place our outdoor advertising billboards on boats along the most populated waterways, hyper-targeting the most sought-after audiences. If you want a way to stand out from the crowd and capture attention in an age when attention is waning, contact our team and get your message on a billboard in the water.

We also offer our services to individuals. Whether you want to let the world know of your love for your significant other or you want to wish someone a happy birthday in a unique way, a billboard on a boat is sure to draw a gasp.

We're good at what we do.



Cover an entire market with a single buy that reaches the highest profile locations and events in the city. Custom routes allow the campaign to travel and target specific neighborhoods and locations.



In today’s media landscape, it’s hard to determine how to make your message stand out from the rest. Ballyhoo Media’s floating billboards helps you create high impact, larger than life, memorable campaigns.



Create more traction for your campaign with a platform people are excited to share. With our billboard boats you get longer dwell times, full motion capabilities, and a unique delivery system allows audiences to interact with your brand. 


Dynamic Content

We have zero limitations to your content. Display full motion videos to really hook your customers. Interchange content based on triggers like weather or time of day. The capabilities are limitless. 

Why sail with us?


Reach New Audiences

Hook new customers.

Simply put, Ballyhoo Media is a multi-media outdoor advertising platform bringing an interactive canvas to the landscapes of major waterfront cities. By combining industry leading dwell times with the ability to play full motion interactive content, we offer an unparalleled ability to engage with audiences. Create a lasting and memorable campaign with Ballyhoo Media.

Mobility Across Cities

Water, water, all around.

In a highly crowded media market, messages constantly get lost alongside the clutter of other advertising. This is where we stand out. We deliver a unique high-impact platform that garners the full attention of an audience to see, stare, and digest messages without distraction.

High Impact Advertising

Where aren't we seen?

It’s a great question, one we struggle to answer. Our visibility covers high rise residential, office spaces, public parks, highways, walking paths, beaches, and, of course, the waterways. Did we miss anything? Saturate an entire city while delivering hyper-local messages. Deliver high impact messages from exclusive waterways by which people live, work, and commute. 

Highly Engaging 

Paparazzi, Please!

Picture worthy campaigns become sharable content. Become the talk of the town. Transform your message into a unique experience that permeates through everyday conversation and becomes amplified through social feeds and the press. Today, consumers not only watch advertisements, they want to experience them. Harness our platform and create a campaign that lives beyond the boat.

Target Major Events

VIP Access to Events

Bring your brand to the crowds. Activations can be combined with one-of-a-kind custom charters, allowing brands to reach otherwise exclusive events and markets. Command the attention of millions attending high profile sporting events, music festivals, and more

Choose Your Market

  • Miami
  • Ft Lauderdale
  • Tampa

We're able to make waterway activations happen nation wide! Contact us today to find a solution for your needs.

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