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Digital Boat Advertising

Stand out in a
sea of competition

Redefine the skyline with floating billboards. Where others see waves, we see a canvas. Elevate your brand with digital billboard boats and turn the tide in your favor.

Unique campaigns that makes a splash

Welcome aboard the future of advertising with Ballyhoo’s floating billboards! Our state-of-the-art digital boats allow your message to stand out in the sea of boring traditional advertising. Say goodbye to the mundane billboards and hello to the high seas of engagement.  So why wait? Dive in and discover how we can help grow your business.

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Reel in audiences like never before

Waterfronts = Top Demographics

By communicating on the waterways, we allow you to reach top demographics of major cities and beach towns. Whether your audience lives in a penthouse or is on vacation, we deliver messages to diverse audiences in prime locations.

Set Sail To Your Customers

Being a mobile platform, we’re unique in our ability to bring messages directly to audiences in the densest areas of the city. With a single buy, our advertising covers the highest-profile locations and events in the city.

Distraction-Free Messages

In a crowded media landscape, it's difficult to make your message stand out. But our unique platform breaks through the clutter of traditional OOH advertising, letting audiences focus on your message without distraction.

Impressions That Anchor

Say goodbye to boring advertising! Our floating digital billboards captivate audiences in ways that stale billboards cannot. With more memorable campaigns and long-lasting impressions, we're the solution to making your brand stand out.

The only billboard committed to protecting our waterways

We are committed to protecting our oceans and waterways. Through partnerships with key ocean-conservancy groups and innovative technologies, we are pioneering a new era of billboard advertising that meets the highest standards of environmental responsibility. By advertising with us, you’re helping support our mission to safeguard our planet’s most precious resource.

outdoor advertising on the Miami river with the Miami Marlins.
outdoor advertising in Brickell Miami and the Miami River with Milagro Tequila.

Why digital Boats?

Campaigns that
float to the top

Cruise Through Crowds

We make it easy to reach your desired audience with custom-designed routes targeting the city's busiest areas and top events

Dynamic, not Static

Change content easily and run multiple creatives with the help of our team. And unlike roadside billboards, we can run full-motion ads and powerful widgets

Bigger and Brighter

Our larger-than-life screens on boats outshine the competition, making a lasting impression on even the sunniest of days

Dwell on This

With the longest dwell times in the industry, our boats remain visible for up to 5 minutes, leaving a lasting impression on your target audience

Reach & Exposure

Bringing messages direct to consumers

Unlike static assets that require audiences to travel to the message, our billboard boats bring the message directly to the consumer. Our mobility across cities allows us unparalleled access to areas previously inaccessible to OOH advertising. 

Traditional Outdoor Advertising:

Digital Billboards Boats:

outdoor advertising on the Miami River, downtown Miami and Brickell with EZFILL targeting locals and boaters.
outdoor advertising in Miami Beach with digital billboard boat targeting beachgoers with EZFill campaign.

This is GREAT EXPOSURE for sure! Thanks, guys, for doing your part so well – exactly how I imagined it would be seen!

Where We're Located

Available Markets in South Florida

Don’t see your market? We’re able to make waterway activations happen nationwide! Contact us today to find the solution for your needs. 


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Don't just make waves, create a tidal wave

Sail through our portfolio and see the impact we've made for past clients!

Dive into our past campaigns and see what's possible

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Our unique platforms create industry-leading engagement rates with consumers. We make audiences stop, stare, and share; creating thousands of organic impressions and driving ROl for your brand.

ready to dive in

As a small business ourselves, we get the importance of attracting new audiences without breaking the bank. And unlike Google ads or Instagram impressions, we’re confident that every dollar you put towards advertising is highly visible and hard at work reaching millions of people on beaches, in cities, and beyond. It’s time to get new customers through your doors, and there is no method more impactful and cost-effective than Ballyhoo’s digital boats!