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Sea The Change

As ecosystem problems in Biscayne Bay kept occurring, seagrass beds and marine life started to die off. Sendit4theSea, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserve and restore marine ecosystems, decided to host more beach and bay clean-ups. They knew they could not do everything themselves and that the help of volunteers was crucial to saving the bay so they needed to spread the word quickly and efficiently around Miami. 

Ballyhoo Media’s relationship with different nonprofit organizations helped accelerate the process of getting in contact with Sendit4theSea and provide them with help in spreading the word around. Ballyhoo Media ran an advertising campaign calling everyone in Miami to volunteer in the Biscayne Bay clean up that took place on December 27th, 2020. The digital campaign showed a brief summary of past cleanups and the amount of trash collected during them. The screen also showed motivational messages for volunteers at the event itself that read “Be the solution to the pollution” and “Sea the change”, both intending to motivate volunteers during the clean up and actively be part of the event. 

With the help of around 200 volunteers, more than 2,477 lbs of garbage were removed from water and park areas. Ballyhoo Media’s efforts to call others to participate not only incentivize people to be part of the event, but it also created tracking in social media in which users showed their love by posting us, tagging us or commenting on our social media platform.

“We’ve received some great feedback and images from clients and friends who have seen the boat in the water and along the bay. I feel it's been a really great marketing tool for us so far!”

- Mike Risco, COO.