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Puerto Rican singer Anuel AA was releasing a new album during peak times of COVID-19. As it is expected, in order to promote the release of a new album, a concert or party is held to make the big announcement and to share some of the new songs of the album. However, in times of COVID, no parties or concerts were allowed in the city of Miami.

Solution and Result:

To promote Anuel AA’s new album Emmanuel, Ballyhoo Media was able to build a mobile concert venue on the water. Sourcing stages, professional audio and a crew of videographers we created a unique experience with DJ, performers, and digital screens. After the concert, the record label and Anuel AA’s closest family , friends and celebrities used the boat’s screen to congratulate their loved one on the album release. This personal message made up for an emotional experience that took place uniquely on the water and stayed in the memory of the artist and his family and friends forever.

Created a spectacle on the water for a one of a kind experience etc.

Music fans loved it and followed the artists for more exposure.

A once in a life time music experience

The biggest stage on the water