Seattle Outdoor Advertising – Digital Signage Network

Digital Signage network at Colman Terminal with passerby

Seattle Outdoor Advertising – Digital Signage Network

Digital Signage network at Colman Terminal with passerby

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Pivot Media Ventures & Ballyhoo Media Unveil State-of-the-Art Digital Advertising Network at the Colman Dock Ferry Terminal, Seattle Outdoor Advertising

Innovation meets tradition in the nation’s largest ferry system, just in time for the holiday season.

Seattle, WA – [November 13, 2023]Washington State Ferries (WSF), in partnership with Pivot Media Ventures and Ballyhoo Media, and Trans4Media, is proud to unveil the launch of a digital advertising network at Colman Dock Ferry Terminal. This initiative is part of a $489 million state investment to transform Colman Dock into a modern, efficient transit hub. The new digital advertising program positions Colman Dock as a leading venue for transit advertising, serving both the local Seattle community and a broader audience of brands.

Located in the heart of Downtown Seattle on Alaskan Way, Colman Dock plays a vital role in a ferry network that transports 24 million people annually. As the largest ferry system in the nation, this remarkable step towards digital out of home marks a transition for a system that has solely featured static advertising. 

With plans for ten food and retail vendors, the terminal is becoming a vibrant marketplace for commuters and shoppers alike. This unique and high-traffic location presents an unparalleled opportunity for advertisers to reach local audiences through various touch points like commuting, shopping, dining, and leisure.

With this additional digital signage network, brands and agencies can now expect:

  • More flexible campaign planning: quick and easy updates allow campaigns to go up instantly, with contextually relevant ads.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The screens are more cost-effective for advertisers due to zero production and install costs, shorter campaign durations, and the option to have share of voice (SOV) with other advertisers. This is an ideal option that opens the door for local businesses and smaller campaigns to run shorter campaigns at a high-volume site.
  • Full-Motion Video: Ultra-bright 4K screens enable better storytelling and more engaging ads.
  • Add-on to Static Dominations: These digital screens complement existing static placements in the terminal, creating comprehensive and dynamic domination for advertisers leveraging both digital and static assets.

“We’re incredibly excited to bring in a new era of waterway transit advertising at Colman Dock,” said Brett Weinberg, CEO of Pivot Media Ventures. “This partnership amplifies our commitment to providing cutting-edge advertising solutions that are not just eye-catching and engaging with the community, but are strategically placed in high-traffic areas to maximize brand impact.”

The digital signage network at Colman Dock will feature state-of-the-art technology designed to captivate and engage. The network comprises a premium network of 65” screens, strategically located to provide maximum visibility and impact. These screens offer advertisers unparalleled capabilities including real-time data feeds, environmental triggers, and day-parting to tailor content to specific audiences. This digital transformation complements existing static advertising assets, creating a comprehensive advertising ecosystem that enhances both the commuter and advertiser experience.

“These interactive screens do more than just advertise; they serve as catalysts for community engagement and transform the commuting experience,” said Helen Roldan, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Ballyhoo Media. “From keeping travelers updated on weather conditions and local events to offering live sports scores, these screens not only connect our local community but also create shared experiences. Most importantly, the revenue generated will directly contribute to subsidizing ferry costs and enhancing terminal facilities, making this a win-win-win initiative for everyone involved.”

For the Washington State Ferry system, this initiative serves dual purposes. First, it enhances the visual appeal and functionality of the terminal, elevating it to a state-of-the-art transit facility. Second, it opens up new revenue streams that are essential for the system’s long-term sustainability. The generated income will be allocated to reduce ferry operation costs and contribute to terminal upgrades and necessary ferry repairs.

Looking ahead, this digital signage network marks the beginning of a long-term strategy to modernize and monetize the Washington State Ferry system. “This is not a one-off initiative but part of a broader vision to make our ferry system one of the most advanced and financially sustainable in the country,” added Adam Shapiro, CEO of Ballyhoo Media.