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Why celebrities use billboard advertising to launch products

Let’s take a lesson from Jake Paul on how to launch a brand.

Regardless of what you personally think about him, you can’t deny his genius ability to market himself.

So when he decided to launch his new body care line, “W,” he could have posted to his 27M followers on Instagram. He could have sponsored his fight with Mike Tyson, plastering logos on the ring and running commercial spots. He could have gone on any podcast any day and plugged the brand in.

But instead, he chose OOH.

Digital spectaculars, like our Miami Digital Boats, allow brands to make a ‘splash’ in the physical spaces around us. They create instant credibility with consumers, fostering trust and confidence in the products they’re displaying. These spectaculars spark conversations, turn heads, and deliver long-term returns.

In an era where performance-based marketing often overshadows other strategies, brand awareness remains the cornerstone of building strong brands and driving upper funnel metrics. When combined with highly shareable content, OOH takes on a new life in generating organic impressions and amplifying brand reach.

And remember, next time you’re thinking of launching a new product in Miami (or anywhere else in the nation), use the tried and true billboard method.

Author: Tyler Zlatin, Chief Marketing Officer @ Ballyhoo Media