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Water enthusiasts.

Water-based media specialists.

What do we do?

We enhance the waterways in our community through incredible activations.

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Connecting Brands We Love

Brands large and small are able to connect with their audiences in unique and engaging ways.

Protecting Our Environment

Our undying commitment to preserve and enhance the native aesthetics of our community as well as the health and quality of our waterways.

Supporting Local Businesses

As a small family-owned business, we understand the importance of finding new customers in a cost effective way. We work with local companies to guarantee successful campaigns that won't break the bank.

Hosting Community Events

We are only as powerful as the community we're in. That's why we serve our community and give back, working with municipalities, state parks, and non-profits.

Creating a Platform for Everyone

Ballyhoo serves as an inclusive canvas for positive messages and joyous moments, accessible to anyone.

It's kind of our whole purpose 

Our values shape the way we work with our clients, delivering outstanding results supported by cutting-edge initiatives.

Ballyhoo Media is a water-based multi-media company changing the landscape of outdoor advertising and events. Our platform is designed to provide a more intimate experience between companies and their customers. We developed a platform that encourages creativity, collaboration and community. 

We live in a transient era, so we have expanded mobility. We live in a tech era, so we have elevated connectivity. We live in a social era, so we have maximized engagement. At Ballyhoo Media, we deliver a breakthrough medium for advertising and collaborative experiences for our community.

Working with some of the coolest companies around

Working with some of the coolest companies around

How can Ballyhoo help 
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Your Event?
Your Community?
Your Event?
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Your Moment?

Out Of Home Advertising

A revolutionary way to reach new customers

Advertising has gotten stale. That’s why we are pioneering a new form of out-of-home that goes directly to the consumer. Innovative mediums with eye-catching methods delivering the most impactful messages. 

Events & Experiences

Stadium-like events & entertainment

Engage with your audience in the most unique ways imaginable. A perfect backdrop of centerpiece for any event. Streaming, live viewings, staging for live entertainment, and more.  

Personal Messaging

Personalized messages for your special moments

Talk about a Hallmark moment! Is there anything more special than having your name in lights on a 60ft floating screen? We deliver unique messages and experiences for your friends and family.

Community & Activism

Bringing our community together

We partner with local parks, non-profits, and organizations to help strengthen community building efforts.

Our pledge to protect the waterways

One of our core values is protecting the places that inspired Ballyhoo Media in the first place and ensuring that we are reminded of these issues everyday. That is why we created our pledge of 10% FOR THE WATER, which donates 10% of our advertising space to non-profits focused on the preservation of oceans and waterways. We work with organizations such as Oceana and Surfrider to broadcast messages and help amplify the voice of our waterway to the public.

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