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New Year New Possibilities: Active Living in Tampa Bay

Floating advertising campaign for Doordash on Clearwater Beach.

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Rev Up Your Outdoor Advertising for the New Year in Tampa Bay

Hey there, beautiful people! New Year, New Possibilities, right? Today we are going to talk about the Tampa Bay area, the hidden gem of the Sunshine State! 

Starting with those award-winning beaches, the whole Buccaneer magic, and all these crazy-fun attractions that scream, “Let’s Move!,” it’s no wonder Tampa and St. Pete are crushing it on the 2023 Fittest Cities list.

The Pulse of Tampa Bay

Now, let’s dive into the epicenter of the Tampa Bay area – the beaches! They are not just a tourist hotspot; it’s a lifestyle hub. Yoga, pilates, running, cycling –  you name it, it’s a breeding ground for active living. Resorts like Wyndham Grand offer daily fitness retreat classes giving travelers a taste of Clearwater magic. 

And guess what? Ballyhoo Media‘s been able to put a spotlight on brands right in front of hundreds of active consumers. Picture this: digital billboard boats riding the waves, catching the eyes of all the beach bros and thrill-seekers. And according to an Openai survey, 80% of the respondents made a purchase after seeing a billboard advertisement. From pier runners to beach paragliders, we’ve got the perfect spot to showcase your brand to this on-the-go crowd.

Tapping into Tampa Bay’s Fitness Frenzy

As January rolls around, and it’s all about those “New Year, New Me” vibes. Gyms are buzzing, memberships are soaring by over 12%, and apps like ClassPass are your fairy fitness godmother. Local gems like Fit4Mom encourage an active lifestyle without veering from your normal routine. What better way to reach locals than by partnering with life-sized displays right where they live and play.

Ready to get your brand in front of an active audience? Ballyhoo Media is the only mobile outdoor billboard advertising agency operating daily from the coast from Clearwater to St. Pete Beach. 

If you’re interested in seeing how your message can ride the wave across Tampa Bay on our epic platforms, reach out to us here.