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Clean Up Miam iBeach






Clean Up Litter

Taking action to keep our waters clean.

Marine life in Biscayne Bay started suffering from a lack of oxygen caused by pollution, fertilizer runoff, seagrass bed die-offs, and high temperatures. Thousands of fish started dying in the area and the rest soon suffered the same fate.


As part of the marine community, the team at Ballyhoo Media felt the responsibility to help the city of Miami by raising awareness about the consequences of climate change as well as inviting Miami locals to take action and tackle the problem. We were first able to spot and report dead marine life to nonprofit organizations as our captains were out in Biscayne Bay every day. But we couldn’t stop there, we wanted to teach our community about the Biscayne Bay problem and create awareness, so we partnered up with big nonprofit organizations like Surfrider Miami, Oceana, and Clean this Beach Up used our voice (a 60 ft digital floating screen) to help initiate conversations among locals, and eventually brought people together to beach and bay cleanups. Raising awareness and spotting and reporting was only one part of the solution. Ballyhoo Media team also decided to get out there, get dirty, and take action by volunteering with Clean Miami Beach to help clean up trash and nondecomposable materials from the shoreline. 


Restoring an entire area of the reef is no easy work, and it is certainly not the responsibility of one single man. Instead, it is the duty of everyone who is living in the area of Miami to help restore it and prevent it from future damage. However, Ballyhoo Media’s efforts to create awareness of the issues, sending a call to action in partnership with nonprofit organizations, and being part of the bay and beach clean-ups resulted in more people taking action and being more informed of the Biscayne Bay problem creating environmental awareness.

Thank you @ballyhoomedia for coming out yesterday. 🙌 You guys are awesome!