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Our media boat, The Ballyhoo, is a custom built, 58 ft vessel equipped with back-to-back, 46 ft, state-of-art, high definition screens. Each screen, and the boat itself, were specially designed and manufactured to handle the rigors of the ocean, while emitting the clearest, most vibrant picture as possible. Our HD screens are comparable to those used in today’s sports stadiums and arenas. Our advanced, cutting edge software allows users endless possibilities in effectively communicating with their targeted audience.


The Ballyhoo operates daily from South Pointe, the southernmost tip of Miami beach, to the Eden Roc, a famous hotel located on 45th street. The boat will cruise the coastline, advertising during Miami’s prime beach hours, making several round trips throughout the day. The Ballyhoo’s cruising zone between South Pointe and the Eden Roc is strategically planned to focus your advertising in the most popular and busiest section of Miami Beach.  


Advertiser’s can run a mix of static, animated and video messages to promote specials, events and brand awareness. Use a variety of ads throughout each day or week for different purposes. Provide us with your own ads or create one from scratch with our team. Design your campaign how you like and decide how you will communicate to the millions of Miami Beachgoers!


Target your audience by displaying your message when you want, for as long as you want. You have ultimate campaign flexibility. Schedule your ads to target your daytime specials or nighttime events. Schedule your ads to target your weekday affairs or weekend events. Design a new ad and raise awareness for a special event on the horizon. Play a different ad each hour or each day if you like. You have complete flexibility in scheduling your campaign!
Our daily advertising rotation runs on 3 minute rotating loops.  The loops were carefully timed and designed to allow someone sitting stationary on the beach an opportunity to see every ad on the rotation. We give you the option to decide how long your ad will be, how often it will play each day, and how many days it will play for. Contact us to learn more about our inclusive pricing subscriptions!
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