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Every year millions of visitors come to Miami Beach to enjoy its clear blue waters. It has one of the largest tourist industries in the world, mainly centered around its beaches. Our goal is to reach this diverse crowd. While they look out at sea, our boat will slowly cruise by giving the consumer a clear and direct view of you ad. Unlike all other products of OOH advertising, Ballyhoo Media displays your advertisements to millions of potential customers with an obstacle-free, undistracted view.


Our boat has 46’ ft HD screens with cutting edge technology. We slowly cruise the coast line of Miami Beach with our screens visible for several minutes, several times a day. Our team carefully timed our advertising loop so that each advertisement on the rotation can be seen from every person sitting stationary on the beach.


As a whole, traditional OOH Advertising is overcrowded and lacks the ability to deliver substantial content. This is where we are changing the industry. Our boat is an island by itself. Your brand’s message is not cluttered amongst the crowded streets and roadways of other OOH advertising, but instead in front of a captive audience. Additionally, traditional billboards can only capture an audience for glancing seconds. We have the ability to engage a crowd and be in front of them for minutes at a time.


We offer flexibility in our pricing to fit any client’s needs. Our pricing reflects our ideals as a company. We strive to become a fabric of the Miami community and we believe that begins with fair pricing. From hourly to monthly campaigns, our inclusive packages are designed to give any size company an opportunity to use our boat and reach millions of potential customers.

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Our business advertising campaigns offer pricing as low as $3.75 per 1,000 impressions! Ballyhoo Media does not only give your consumer a better visual experience, but you get to reach more people for the lowest cost!
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