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Every year millions of visitors come to enjoy Miami Beach and its clear blue waters. Whether they’re tanning, swimming, or partying, people spend their beach days looking out on the beautiful ocean. While they look out at sea, our boat will slowly cruise by giving the consumer a clear and direct view of your ad. Unlike all other business advertising forms, Ballyhoo Media will display your advertisements to millions of potential customers with an obstacle-free, undistracted view of our boat and screens. Our boat advertising with 46 ft HD screens will be visible for several minutes, several times a day, offering our advertisers an extremely effective method to make an impression on the relaxed, undistracted viewer.


We offer low cost subscription packages with pricing as low as $5 per ad and only $4.50 for every 1,000 impressions. Advertising with Ballyhoo Media gives your potential customers an unmatched visual experience, and allows advertisers to reach more impressions at a low cost!

Our pricing reflects our ideals as a company. We strive to become a fabric of the Miami community and we believe that begins with fair pricing. Our packages are designed to give any size company an opportunity to use our boat advertising and reach millions of potential customers. We want our digital advertising to reflect Miami’s eclectic mix of people with a diverse group of advertisers. Invest in your business now and feel the impact Ballyhoo Media will have on your sales. We want you to succeed and we know you can with our one and only platform.


Beach towns across the world are known to contain a diverse collection of people. On any given beach you will find couples, families, young travelers, and teenagers amongst each other. The international visitor popular is a special component that sets Miami apart from all other beaches. In Miami, 50% of people who visit are not from the United States. That is not including the wide range of international born locals that live in Miami. This creates an entirely new market that most American beaches do not have. With truly every type of person enjoying Miami Beach, Ballyhoo Media allows your advertising to target your demographic with ease. There is no limit for who is seeing your business advertising.


Ballyhoo Media is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind digital boat advertising platform. However, there is only one Ballyhoo Media and there are thousands of local and national businesses in Miami. We only have so much space to offer to our our potential advertisers. 

People come to Miami for vacation and don’t know how to spend their time and money. Locals are always looking for new exciting things to do, new restaurants to try, and new deals around town. You can be one of the exclusive companies representing what’s happening in Miami to the millions of visitors and locals alike. Only a handful of companies have this opportunity to strengthen their brand through Ballyhoo Media’s business advertising platform. Get on the board now, stick around for the long haul, and see your business grow!

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Our business advertising campaigns offer pricing as low as $3.75 per 1,000 impressions! Ballyhoo Media does not only give your consumer a better visual experience, but you get to reach more people for the lowest cost!
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